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My Story

I’m new to the Web Development scene, but not to the car scene. I joined the car scene a few years back and met some great people and made some great memories. I often found that there was a lot of confusion as to what shops were good and what those shops actually did. So I decided to create a project: San Antonio Car Hub. The main goal of SACH is to centralize all the information related to cars (i.e. repairs, modification installs, buy/sell market, shows, clubs/groups). Of course starting up a website amongst millions of websites is quite a difficult task. However I’m determined to give it a go. The website still has a long ways to go, and won’t be completed overnight, because I work a full time job. Apart from that I still have to teach myself how to code, and what languages I need to learn, and how to use them.

Feel free to reach out with any advice, tips & ideas!


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